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Spam countermeasures and blocking mechanisms

In today's Internet environment, the spam issue cannot be eliminated 100%. It is a new problem, for which no conventional solutions have yet been designed. To address this increasing issue, many solutions for the stages before and after accepting mail...

Spammer tactics of circumventing filtering

This article will focus on the tactics used by spammers to successfully deliver a mail message to the mailboxes on your server, despite any implemented sorting or blocking filters.

Large scale message handling infrastructure design

In this article, we will describe some of the most important things that need to be taken into account when designing a large scale messaging setup. We are referring to large scale setups, not cluster setups; the main difference being that cluster...

Spam overview and spam types

Just as the title implies, this article will focus on SPAM messages, on the "know your enemy" principle. We will first describe the different types of spam, to then move to analyzing the issue in perspective, and in detail. The purpose of...

Tracking and detecting valid mailboxes through HTML emails

Back in the days when Windows 98 was the latest Microsoft operating system, HTML email messages accounted for a large number of infected Windows-based systems. Surprisingly, things have not changed much nowadays either. Accepting and displaying HTML...

Legitimate sites serving up stealthy attacks

Thousands of legitimate Web sites are hosting an infection kit that evades detection by attempting to compromise each visitor only once and using a different file name each time, Web security firm Finjan warned on Monday. The attack, dubbed the...
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