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Firefox 3 enhances security, but leaves out browsing

I have recently learned that Mozilla Corp. had made available the Alpha 8 version of their famous browser, Firefox 3. Naturally, I was very interested in the new features provided and how the next generation of the browsing technology would make my...

Thou shalt fear the GPL...

The first GPL (General Public License) lawsuit ever in the U.S. saw the light of the day. The Software Freedom Law Center was the one to make the official announcement. The complaint was filed by two main developers of the awesome set of Unix utilities...

Linux, the New Botnet Command Center

A recent study conducted by eBay on its security threat situations pointed out some interesting results. Linux systems have become the command centers of choice for phishing operations and Botnets. Because of its reputation of being a very secure and...

Linux made its first desktop breakthrough

It seems that Linux is gaining more and more popularity in the battle for the operating system of choice for cheap desktop computers. After the OLPC (one laptop per child) program decided to use Mandriva instead of a light version of Windows for the XO...

Preventing spam bots from hijacking an enterprise network

Here is an article I found on (TechTarget), about how to prevent spam bots from hijacking an enterprise network. I think you will find it interesting and useful: "Despite Bill Gates' assertion in 2004 that the problem of...

Eliminating the threat of spam email attacks

All the spam I am getting in my inbox has made me look into some more effective antispam tools. While googling for more information, I came across this article about SpamAssassin. It looks good so far. Here is the article in full, written by Scott...

Mail injection through WebMail applications

This article describes an attack method against Web applications that communicate with mail servers, particularly WebMail applications. Some of the applications that are vulnerable to the mail injection threat can be exploited and forced to send...

Exchange 2007 SP1 is now available

Microsoft Thursday shipped Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 that includes support for the forthcoming Windows Server 2008 and enhancements to real-time communication and mobile device integration. Microsoft also made available Forefront Security for...

Clustering Environments

In today’s fast paced world, the importance of having an e-mail service needs no further explanation. We all use it on a daily basis, relying on it to keep in touch with the surrounding world. However, when the throughput of information becomes...
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