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Email Security Is Being Disregarded...

...and this can lead to security breaches and data loss! ( GFT inboxx, a British company specialized in archiving solutions, performed a survey which returned alarming results – over fifty percent of the questioned employees...

The FBI: Do Not Open Unsolicited E-mails

Most of us have been spammed, or royally emailed should I say, by the rich prince of African country X, offering millions of $$$ in exchange for a small financial aid (5-10k) to get their otherwise enormous amount of money out of the country. But...

White House May Keep Documents in E-Mail Flap Private, Judge Rules

When the media saturates our daily existence with dirty words such as financial crisis, subprime loans, credit crunch or the big ol' war on terrorism, you can understand the need of common folks to point the finger at someone or something, hoping...

The Indian Tracker for Modern Messaging

A swift research guide on messaging solutions and email communication. Where do you go to if you find yourself in need of researching modern messaging? Such needs rarely occur naturally -unless you’re really into...

Global Spam Falls by 70% as US Hosting Firm Shut Down

Well it looks like there's no stranger-danger when it comes to spam in the US. The generous amount of medicine, appendix enlargers and luxury items offered to you in unsolicited emails used to stream from the bosom of US spam-sugar-mamma McColo...

Instant messaging found to reduce workplace interruption

Looks like the aussies have taken down a long lasting myth... ( recent study has found the use of instant messaging software in the workplace to reduce disruption. The findings challenge the widespread belief that...

Red Hat Fedora Claims It's the Leader in Linux

Not a bad way to make an introduction for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6! This claim of "King of the Linux Hill" is sure to conjure some fuss and debate within the open source community. If the snippet below sparks your interest be sure to...

You Could be Getting Clickjacked

Phishing, online fraud, spam and now's just not safe to go online anymore! But hey, I'm still keeping the faith because soon-to-be unemployed president Bush could make a dazzling career move. After he gained extensive experience...

Strengthening the alignment of business with IT

( "Chip Salyards , BMC Software's executive director for APAC, talks to Pankaj Maru of CyberMedia News about the concept of Business Service Management, its technology, challenges for today's businesses and much more. After spending...

Does Google Have a Secret OS?

Don't you just love a good secret? Of course, by the time you get to know and love's no longer an actual secret. And the more popular the ones involved, the juicier the secret! Well, that being said, you're gonna love this bit of IT uptown...

Spammers Find a Home on Microsoft Live

Someone hasn't been tightening their anti-spam belt it seems... ( Stuart J. Johnston, ", an organization that tracks and analyzes spam traffic, has fingered Microsoft as the fifth most...

Report Warns of More Cybercrime

E-war is upon us it seems, unless the ever-so-not-vigilant authorities up their efforts! Are online dealings and everyday browsing heading for the trenches? (Richard Adhikari, "The economic downturn, poor cooperation among law...

Is it time for Internetpol to manage Internet?

It's been long time coming, and it seems that the sentence on internet freedom is drawing near. The question remains whether this will turn out to be about extra safety or just old-fashioned control and oppression.  ...
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