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Google looks for help finding malicious Web sites

Google is asking everyday Web surfers to help with its efforts to stamp out malicious Web sites.

The company has created an online form designed to make it easy for people to report sites they suspect of hosting malicious code. It's the latest step by Google to expand its database of the bad Web sites it knows about, as those sites continue to proliferate.

Currently, we know of hundreds of thousands of Web sites that attempt to infect people's computers with malware. Unfortunately, we also know that there are more malware sites out there," Google's Ian Fette wrote in the company's security blog.

The simple form has an entry box for the Web site's URL and a space to provide additional information. Users also fill out a "captcha" to prevent software robots from reporting sites automatically.

Google displays a warning in its search results if it believes a Web site is malicious. But earlier this week researchers noted that some Google searches for relatively mundane topics were producing results loaded with malicious sites, apparently the result of a campaign by hackers.

Security vendor Sunbelt Software said hackers appeared to be using various tricks to ensure their malicious sites appear high in Google's search results. Sunbelt said it turned up 27 different domains hosting malware, each with up to 1,499 malicious pages, or some 40,000 pages in total.

Two days later the sites disappeared from the results, although Google would not say if it cleaned them out.
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2 million euro investment in the Axigen mail server

Gecad Technologies, the company developing the AXIGEN Mail Server, announced this month the first round of investments from a consortium of important venture capitals and technology companies such as Global Finance, 3TS-Cisco Growth Fund III and others. The investment amounted to 2 million euro and is equivalent to 11.76% of the Gecad Technologies/AXIGEN shares.

And here is the full news for those who want to know about it,

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Sun to Acquire MySQL

Sun Microsystems announced on January 16th it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire MySQL AB, an open source icon and developer of one of the world's fastest growing open source databases for approximately $1 billion in total consideration. The acquisition accelerates Sun's position in enterprise IT to now include the $15 billion database market.

With millions of global deployments including Facebook, Google, Nokia, Baidu and China Mobile, MySQL will bring synergies to Sun that will change the landscape of the software industry by driving new adoption of MySQL's open source database in more traditional applications and enterprises. The integration with Sun will greatly extend the commercial appeal of MySQL's offerings and improve its value proposition with the addition of Sun's global services organization. MySQL will also gain new distribution through Sun's channels including its OEM relationships with Intel, IBM and Dell.

More information, available here:
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Dell To Acquire E-Mail Services Provider MessageOne for $155 Million

Dell will acquire MessageOne, a provider of on-demand e-mail management, compliance and archiving services, for $155 million in cash, the two companies announced Tuesday. Dell said the deal would add to its growing portfolio of software-as-a-service offerings.

The deal has been approved by the companies' two boards but is still subject to regulatory approvals. Dell, based in Round Rock, Tex., said the acquisition would broaden the company's ProSupport line of configurable service offerings and the company will make the MessageOne services available both direct to customers and through its channel partners.

The rest of the news,available here:
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Parallels and AXIGEN Offer SaaS Solution

AXIGEN, the professional mail server vendor, and Parallels, worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software, have launched a strategic technological partnership to offer an integrated AXIGEN Mail Server and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers solution specifically for Service Providers offering virtualized hosting environments.

The new AXIGEN-Parallels Virtuozzo Containers integration presents a high-end, flexible solution that enables Service Providers the ability to offer customized mail server solutions for customers via an easily deployable, low-maintenance SaaS model. Unlike traditional, generic hosting solutions, in which software must be installed and configured manually, the AXIGEN-Parallels Virtuozzo Containers solution allows Service Providers to offer customers a wide variety of pre-made Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, called templates, that are populated with optimized configurations of the AXIGEN mail server. Customers can choose the template that is right for their business, and have the solution deployed to them with only a few clicks.

The full news, available here:
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AXIGEN Releases New Version with Groupware Functionalities

AXIGEN, the professional messaging solution vendor, has released the commercial version of AXIGEN Mail Server 6.0. The new version is designed to effectively address the requirements of both collaborative enterprises and service providers offering hosting with added advanced collaboration services.

The new AXIGEN Mail Server 6.0 primarily features groupware and advanced collaboration functionalities that enable users to share their emails, tasks and appointments by granting colleagues permissions to read, write, delete or perform other actions on the content of mailbox folders of choice, to view others' free/busy status or to delegate the right to send messages in their name to co-workers.

This set of new groupware and advanced collaboration functionalities has shaped a new product version, the Enterprise Edition, a best-in-class solution to the requirements of collaborative enterprises that comes to enrich the existing AXIGEN Mail Server product range.

Read the full news here, in original:
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AXIGEN & MailArchiva Strategic Partnership

AXIGEN, the professional messaging solution vendor, and Stimulus Software, vendor of the MailArchiva email archiving system, have announced the closure of a partnership aimed at integrating email messaging and archiving functionalities. Through this strategic technology integration, the two companies aim to pro-actively address the issues arising for businesses of all sizes that work towards complying with IT Governance standards and concepts.

The joint AXIGEN Mail Server – MailArchiva solution will provide all functionalities of a complete email messaging and archiving solution. It features reliability and security in both messaging and archiving activities, quick access to information based on advanced search criteria, a smart storage system preventing overhead and compliance with highly debated international standards such as the Sarbanes Oxley act (SOX), Gramm-Leach Bliley act (GLBA) and the Freedom of Information act (FOIA).

For the AXIGEN company announcement, please visit:
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The AXIGEN Mail Server Brings Emails To Your Mobile Phone

AXIGEN, the professional messaging solution vendor, has announced the release of a new version, AXIGEN Mail Server 6.1. The new beta release allows mobile phone users to access their mailbox through the Mobile WebMail interface.

The new mobile messaging functionalities of AXIGEN Mail Server 6.1. Beta enables users to access their WebMail account from mobile phones with Internet access to check their emails, compose messages, download attachments and much more. AXIGEN 6.1 thus offers a complete mobile messaging solution, as users are not limited to only reading new emails, but can also reply them.

The new version also features Country Filtering, which enables system administrators to determine geographic locations based on IPs and create rules accordingly, such as banning or allowing emails sent from selected countries. AXIGEN's large scale solutions are now enriched through new clustering oriented services and the integration with archiving solutions (MailArchiva).

For the news in full, please visit:
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AXIGEN Releases New 6.1 Version with Mobile Messaging Functionalities

AXIGEN has released the commercial version of the AXIGEN Mail Server 6.1.
Here is a glimpse of the features newly-made available by AXIGEN v6.1:
1. Mobile WebMail Interface – enables users to access their email accounts from mobile phones with Internet access.
2. Country Filtering – an IP-based detection system enabling system administrators to allow or ban email senders from specific geographical locations.
3. WebMail Proxy service – completes the SMTP/IMAP/POP3 series of proxies available in the AXIGEN Service Provider Edition by allowing connection proxying from the front-end layer to the back-end layer in a clustered environment.

For details on all the fresh features and enhancements introduced by AXIGEN Mail Server 6.1, please visit:
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High Availability for SMB; Clustering for Extended Setups

FREE Webinar. Find out more about the webinar and registration:

Gecad Technologies, vendor of the AXIGEN professional messaging solution, delivers on July16th, 2008, a webinar called "High Availability for SMB; Clustering for Extended Setups".

The presentation will acquaint IT professionals with the architecture of High Availability scenarios for SMBs, introducing a cost effective solution based on an Axigen and Heartbeat (open source) integration. We will explain the benefits and advantages, as well as the potential issues generated by such an integration.

Subsequently, we will introduce a complete High Availability solution, targeting larger and more complex setups, based on Axigen’s integration with RedHat Clustering System. Additionally to presenting benefits, advantages and potential issues of the Axigen – RHCS integration, a comparative analysis of the two clustering solutions will be performed.

Date & time:

-- July 31st, 2008, 9:00 GMT (UTC)
For Europe & Asia Pacific Timezones (e.g. Singapore - 17:00)
For additional info and registration, please visit:

-- August 5th, 2008, 17:00 GMT (UTC)
For North & South America Timezones (e.g. Los Angeles - 10:00)
For additional info and registration, please visit:

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