The statistics are based on completely anonymous information and were performed using randomly chosen IP addresses. When connecting to a mail server defined as an MX in the domain configuration, it can reply in a different number of ways. It may not be online, or may be refusing connections. Also, it is possible that the server does not respond back with a "220" line within the period of time we wait, nor provide a banner that identifies the type of the software running on it, at all times.

Statistics Summary

As indicated in the table below, only 59,209 servers responded out of the total 2,818,895. The statistics below make use only of the information provided by the available servers.

Total number of scanned servers:2,818,895
Total number of servers that did not respond:2,759,686
Total number of available servers: 59,209

Distribution of Mail Servers by Country

This section reports the number of mail servers identified in each particular country, out of the total available servers. The location of each server is identified using its IP address.

Germany (5%)
Japan (4%)
Romania (4%)
Canada (4%)
France (2%)
Poland (2%)
Australia (2%)

Distribution of Mail Servers by MTAs

This section reports the total number of mail servers used, on the criterion of their name, out of the total number of servers that were inspected. The top entries represent the most widely used transfer agents scanned.

Sendmail (24%)
Postfix (20%)
qmail (17%)
Exim (13%)
IMail (2%)
InterMail (1%)
Other MTA (5%)

Open Relay Servers

Open relay servers can be used by spammers to send unsolicitated messages annonymously. This section reports the number of open relay servers, per MTA, out of the total number of open relay servers found.

Blacklisted MTAs

This section reports the number of blocked servers, by name, out of the total number of blacklisted servers.

Sendmail (25%)
qmail (20%)
Postfix (19%)
Exim (13%)
IMail (3%)
InterMail (0%)
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