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What IT cares about: Key technologies for 2010

(Infoworld Staff, InfoWorld) A survey released yesterday, of where IT pros are actively engaged, confirms strong business interest in analytics, cloud, and collaboration technologies, but it also shows that open source and ERP are falling off their radars as key concerns.

The top 10 areas of interest are:
  1. Cloud computing: 57%
  2. Business process management: 46%
  3. Web 2.0/social networking technologies: 45%
  4. Desktop/client virtualization: 45%
  5. SOA: 45%
  6. Analytics: 44%
  7. Storage virtualization: 44%
  8. Enterprise data management: 43%
  9. Software as a service and Web services: 40%
  10. Collaboration technologies: 40%   
Mobile technology is not on the "active investigation" list only because IT has already begun deploying the technology in significant percentages: 52% of respondents say they have already implemented mobile initiatives, and another 29% are actively following the technology.[...]

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