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T Managers Fear They Aren't Prepared To Operate VM Environments

Virtualization may be taking IT organizations by storm, but it's by no means a perfect storm, according to a new survey of IT managers, many of whom say they aren't prepared to operate environments that include both physical and virtual elements.

Conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), which polled 150 business professionals, the survey found that just 24% of the respondents felt "very confident" their existing management tools are sufficient for their current IT service levels. The confidence factor percentage doubled, however, when IT managers used specialized management tools for VMware environments.

That still leaves the majority of IT managers still seeking ways to boost their confidence and expertise in virtualization.[...] Some 48% of survey respondents said their chief challenge in Tier 1 production environments is to isolate problems of root cause within server virtualized environments. In addition, the survey took note of IT managers' desire to map virtual machines to physical infrastructures like servers and applications, storage management, virtual security, and application performance monitoring.

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