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Managing virtualization deployments for customers

(Heather Clancy, TechTarget) Now that virtualization deployments are creeping out of test beds and extending more deeply into corporate data centers, a serious challenge has risen: How can organizations manage these increasingly complex environments?

In February, market researcher IDC reported that 56% of companies with complex virtualization implementations believe that close management of this technology will be critical for reaching their business goals. Approximately 80% of IDC's survey respondents managing more than 50 virtual machines (VMs) said they apply, or plan to apply, Information Technology Infrastructure Library management practices. Another 70% use, or plan to use, software management tools, and the same percentage is looking toward automation as a critical component.

IDC survey of 100 North American IT decision makers responsible for their companies' virtualization environments.

The data it brought in accompanies a flurry of activity including the emergence of virtualization infrastructure management software and services that help businesses make the most out of virtualized servers.

"In some organizations, if it's not well thought-out, virtualizing your environment could cause more problems than it solves," said Chris Akerberg, president of Vizioncore Inc., a software developer in Buffalo Grove, Ill. Although it began life as a consulting company, Vizioncore is building a VAR channel and staking a claim in the industry. It has signed distribution deals with both Ingram Micro and Tech Data in recent months.

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