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Clustering Environments

In today’s fast paced world, the importance of having an e-mail service needs no further explanation. We all use it on a daily basis, relying on it to keep in touch with the surrounding world. However, when the throughput of information becomes so great that a simple system cannot keep up with it, new methods must be deployed to cope with the growing requirements of networks and their users. Clusters fill up the gap between the need for faster, more powerful systems, and the safety, reliability and easy management of the already existing networks.

Any seasoned system administrator knows very well the implications and testing requirements of any new service that needs to be added to an already existing design. It must fit just like a hand in a glove and there is very little room for mistakes. This is the main concern, because severe repercussions can cause down-time to other services previously running at normal parameters. Because of their complicated structure, clusters are somewhat feared and seldom included into complex setups. However, a well structured and designed cluster is in act a very sturdy and resilient entity that adds up to the overall network stability.
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