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10 dumb things IT pros do that can mess up their networks

(TechTepublic Blogs) End users aren’t the only ones whose misguided actions can bring a smooth-running network to a screeching halt. IT pros make their share of mistakes, too — from sliding on DR planning to stalling on repairs to ignoring the need for logs and documentation. 

[...] Let’s take a look at some of the most common dumb things IT pros do that can mess up their networks — and how you can avoid making such mistakes yourself.

#1: Don’t have a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan

It’s not that backing up is hard to do. The problem is that it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle, because most network administrators are overloaded already, and backups are something that seem like a waste of time and effort–until you need them. [...]

#2: Ignore warning signs
That UPS has been showing signs of giving up the ghost for weeks. Or the mail server is suddenly having to be rebooted several times per day. Users are complaining that their Web connectivity mysteriously drops for a few minutes and then comes back. But things are still working, sort of, so you put off investigating the problem until the day you come into work and network is down.

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