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Report Warns of More Cybercrime

E-war is upon us it seems, unless the ever-so-not-vigilant authorities up their efforts! Are online dealings and everyday browsing heading for the trenches?

(Richard Adhikari, "The economic downturn, poor cooperation among law enforcement agencies and inadequate laws may see cybercriminals prosper – but not if the Obama administration takes warnings to heart.Next year could be a very good year for online crime if the economy gets any worse, security vendor McAfee warned.

Governments will be too busy grappling with economic issues, while desperate job seekers will become easy targets for cybercriminals, according to its annual cybersecurity survey, the McAfee Virtual Criminology Report. Law enforcement is another problem. Police forces are not adequately trained to fight cybercrime. Cross-border law enforcement is made difficult because agencies tend to act locally rather than globally, and international laws are not being implemented uniformly worldwide.

The report does contain some hopeful notes. The problems may become easier to solve if the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama implements the suggestions just made by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Pamela Warren, McAfee's cybercrime strategist, told

Law enforcement authorities lack adequately trained personnel to sift through and use digital evidence, the report said. Those who are trained are either hired away by the private sector or, in some cases, recruited by the criminal underground. Further, outmoded laws see sentencing based on the level of physical damage, whereas, with cybercrime, the damage is not only physical.

In many states, cyberlaws are not clear as to whether botnets are illegal. Because different countries have different laws, and different definitions of crimes, it is difficult to conduct cross-border investigations or accurate statistics, the McAfee report said.

Changes in the law are also needed. Businesses and government agencies must bear legal responsibility when customers suffer Internet-related security losses unless the customers are guilty of gross negligence, the report said."

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