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Report: Hackers Will Be Bolder, Smarter, Craftier in 2009

(TechNewsWorld) Malicious computer hackers will utilize better technological and psychological techniques in the year ahead, according to a security report from equipment vendor Cisco. Targeted attacks, cross-vector attacks and a rise in threats originating from legit domains are the report's most concerning trends.

As malware writers and Internet attackers become more sophisticated, 2009 looks to be a year of more focused attacks by profit-driven criminals bent on stealing data from businesses, employees and consumers.

Networking firm Cisco released its annual Threat Report Monday, citing a nearly 12 percent increase in the number of disclosed vulnerabilities over 2007 and a tripling of vulnerabilities in virtualization.

Targeted attacks and blended, cross-vector assaults, along with a 90 percent growth in threats originating from legitimate domains, top this year's list of the most worrisome new trends plaguing computer users, according to the report.

Attackers are changing tactics, leaving infected attachments behind for more specialized methods. Malware volume propagated via e-mail attachments declined by 50 percent from the previous two years (2005-2006), noted Cisco researchers.

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