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Is it time for Internetpol to manage Internet?

It's been long time coming, and it seems that the sentence on internet freedom is drawing near. The question remains whether this will turn out to be about extra safety or just old-fashioned control and oppression.  

"(Pankaj Maru, With multi fold rise in IT security threats, malware programs, virus attacks and growing presence of global cybercrime networks, it's high time to have Internetpol (Internet Police)

According to a report recently published by F-Secure, a provider in security solution for Internet service providers, the amount of malware accumulated over the previous 21 years increased by 200 per cent just in the course of one year.  This year the overall detections count has tripled against 2007 and about 1.5 million signature based detections have been done by F-Secure. And the amount of malicious software, infections, number of botnets, criminal profits naturally calls for actions against the attackers.

Further, malicious sample totals increased by almost 350 percent, where 10 millions of suspicious samples have been imported, scanned, indexed, classified and categorized by F-Secure's Response Lab Systems, says the IT security threat report for 2008. This poses a question as to how could one deal with the issue. "It can be dealt in two ways, one by minimizing these attacks using technology and two by taking action against the culprits or perpetrators involved in such crimes," Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure's chief research officer (CRO) told CyberMedia News.

F-Secure's security technologies are based on Threat Analysis Process using the Blacklight – a scan engine for scrutinizing the virus and malware samples. "Our new security solutions – Deep Guard 2.0 is based on cloud approach offering real-time protection network, where the tool examines the applications or computer programs and accordingly blocks malicious programs and only allows the proper ones," he explained."

The fill article offers a broader view on the subject, and one cannot shake off the similarities with the Patriot Act, Operation silent night and other abuse-friendly safety projects. How much freedom are you willing to sacrifice for the promise of the secure web ?

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