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Beware the coming corporate smartphone threat warn experts

(Lia Timson, ITWire) Rogue smartphone applications coupled with social engineering will be the undoing of corporate IT infrastructures, network security experts have warned.

As more and more enterprises succumb to the temptation of allowing employee devices to be used for work purposes - either because of cost or pressure from senior management - the threat to their IT systems security is rising.

Speaking at the RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco this week, Ed Amoroso, security supremo at AT&T also advised IT managers to skill-up and use 2011 to prepare themselves and their networks to deal with future threats.

While fake free versions of popular games such as Monkey Jump and Angry Bird are appearing outside the iTunes App Store tempting people to download suspect code onto their phones, unchecked Android apps were also making their way onto mobile handsets which workers carry onto corporate networks.

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