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Mac Users Do Not Spam, Linux Users Do

(Wolfgang Gruener, ConceivablyTech) MessageLabs has released a new issue of its monthly intelligence report, which reveals interesting statistics of spam originating from client computers that are infected by botnets. Not surprisingly, most spam comes from Windows users, but Linux systems are five times more likely to be sending spam than Windows. And: There is virtually no spam that is sent from Apple Mac computers.

Spam still accounts for nine out of ten emails (89.9%) sent, one in 341 emails contains malware and one in 455 emails carries a phishing attack. Spam is dominated by botnets that infect client computers around the globe and use their connectivity to send out emails.[...]The entire spam volume caused by all botnets currently monitored is about 121 billion messages per day from up to 5.6 million computers. Non-botnet spam is only 7 billion messages per day, bringing the total spam volume to just above 128 billion messages per day.

If we look at the PCs that are controlled by the botnets and that are sending the spam, and break them down by operating system, MessageLabs’ data shows, not surprisingly, that 92.65% of all spam came from Windows machines, 0.001% from Mac OS X systems and 5.14% from Linux computers in March 2010.

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