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India is the Number One Spamming Nation in Asia

(CRN Network) According to Trend Micro, India is the seventh largest spam sender in the world. It is the leader among Asian countries in spam, accounting for more than 4 percent of the total global spam. It is ahead of other Asian countries such as China (3.39 percent), Republic of Korea (2.57 percent) and Thailand (2.04 percent). Asia contributes 16.57 percent of the global spam volume. [...]

Globally, the Russian Federation heads the list of spammers accounting for more than 11 percent of total spam, followed by the United States of America at 9.36 percent. Trend Micro reports that the Bric countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) together account for around 20 percent of all spam. Experts at Trend Micro further indicate that spam from emerging markets will continue to grow till the proper Internet infrastructure is in place. The world’s top 10 spam relaying countries account for about 57.4 percent of the global spam volumes.[...]

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