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Global Spam Falls by 70% as US Hosting Firm Shut Down

Well it looks like there's no stranger-danger when it comes to spam in the US. The generous amount of medicine, appendix enlargers and luxury items offered to you in unsolicited emails used to stream from the bosom of US spam-sugar-mamma McColo Corporation...

("This week saw global spam levels drop significantly after two major US internet providers pulled the plug on spurious hosting firm McColo.

In the immediate aftermath anti-spam firms reported an astounding 70% reduction in the amount of junk mail in circulation.

Californian based McColo is believed to have hosted domains for spam gangs running some of the most prolific spam-producing botnets in the world, in addition to a number of fake pharmacy, antivirus, designer goods and child pornography sites.

ISPs Global Crossing and Hurricane Electric, who were together responsible for providing 90% of McColo’s access to the wider internet, shut off the firms access on Tuesday after receiving a detailed report from the Washington Post. The report culminated a four month investigation by Security Fix, the newspaper's security blog, into activity emanating from McColo-hosted domains.

While it is yet unclear as to whether McColo will be officially investigated and held legally responsible for the immoral activities of its clients, the company have responded by shutting down all operations."

But don't be fooled by the fall of one head of the hydra; even if it is a big one. McColo is soon to be replaced by other web hosting companies fronting for big-time spammers. Luckily there is hope still. If you want a safe haven against spam, know that Axigen is capable to integrate multiple antivirus and antispam applications at server level or SMTP level, building filtering chains that can be applied differentially at server or even domain level. How's that for proctection ?

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