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Ten things they didn't tell you about mobile working

(Jeff Dray, TechRepublic) After years spent supporting mobile devices and more years as a user of mobile data products, you may find that,  in some ways, mobile working is a liberating experience, but if you’re not careful, it can follow you all the way home.
  1. Portable equipment breaks. If you keep your Blackberry or PDA in your shirt pocket, don’t lean over to look at things, it will fall out. Whether it falls onto a hard floor or down a toilet, the effect will be the same. If this does happen to you, take plenty of pictures, then you might be able to publish it as a PDA “unpacked” article.
  2. Synchronization is essential. A daily backup of your mobile device means that vital information isn’t lost when the inevitable happens (see #1 above). If your diary is maintained by the office, it is essential to download the next day’s appointments.
  3. If you are going to lose, leave behind, or forget something, it isn’t usually something minor, it will be the AC adapter, USB cable, or the item itself.
  4. Murphy’s Law applies especially to mobile devices. In the UK it is known as Sod’s Law, but the effect is the same. You will drive out of network coverage just as you are getting details of a brilliant money-making opportunity or vital information about a key project. Know your geography as far as it relates to network coverage and find somewhere to stop if you think you are about to lose connection.

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