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How to Effectively Address Archiving Requirements for In-place Messaging Solutions

This white paper describes the integration of the AXIGEN Mail Server with the Mailarchiva archiving solution: the benefits of the integration, how it pro-actively addresses the issues arising for businesses of all sizes that work towards complying with IT Governance standards and concepts, as well as the actual step-by-step configuration procedure:

Today's business world manifests an ongoing concern and hosts frequent discussions regarding Corporate Governance and Information Technology (IT) Governance, facts that result in increased pressure for certain players in the market. Thus, companies dedicated to maintaining their competitive advantages and reputation are re-evaluating their strategies and policies, putting their best efforts into genuinely committing to these concepts.

An often overlooked aspect of complying with the IT Governance discipline is rigorous, safe and standard compliant email archiving. A company's willingness to implement such an archiving system faces two major issues. Firstly, there are the system users, who are sometimes prone to laziness and tend to only save the most important and very recent email messages, while deleting the others. Secondly, introducing such a system yields complex IT administration procedures to be followed which subsequently impose serious overhead.

The Solution
Email client-side archiving is also a very feeble solution due to the fact that it lacks centralization and it makes certain actions like performing backups rather difficult. Moreover, company employees tend not to take security policies seriously and fail to comply with the procedures one tries to have established. Given all the legal requirements and optional standards businesses want to comply with, such an archiving system can challenge even the most seasoned system administrator, causing him to waste large amounts of time.

There is, however, an easy solution to these problems and that is a centralized email archiving system integrated with the in-place messaging solution, featuring powerful indexing, quick search capabilities and compliance with current business standards. Both the archiving solution and the mail server could easily be managed by the same administrator, allowing for an effective time allocation.

Integrating the high-end archiving solution, Mailarchiva with the state-of-the-art AXIGEN mail server pro-actively addresses the issues arising for businesses of all sizes that work towards complying with IT Governance standards and concepts.    

Mailarchiva adds to the existing cutting edge features of the AXIGEN messaging solution quick access to information based on advanced search criteria, a smart storage system preventing overhead and ensures compliance with highly debated international standards such as the Sarbanes Oxley act (SOX), Gramm-Leach Bliley act (GLBA) and the Freedom of information act (FOIA).

Therefore, the integrated AXIGEN-Mailarchiva solution brings palpable benefits to businesses from all market segments:
     - reliability and security in messaging and archiving policies;
     - easy access to older information exchanged via emails;
     - full history on your electronic communications;
     - no overhead in email archive storage or in message delivery;
     - safe operations with respect to local legislation and standards (for example, in certain countries legal requirements force companies to preserve all company email communications for seven years);
     - credibility as a business partner through compliance with  all major international standards.

For further details about the benefits, and actual step-by-step procedure of the integration, please visit:
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